On this page, you will find a listing of services we can provide to you after the printing process is complete. If you have any questions, please call us at (256) 383-3093 or use our order/price inquiry form and we will contact you with the information you requested.


This process protects all of your work from harmful moisture, ultra violet rays, and any other damage. We have the ability to laminate your business card or dry mount and laminate a 36″ x 48ö piece of art. One of our staff can quickly laminate small jobs while you wait with our 12″ pouch laminator, which heats up in just a few minutes to complete your small jobs while you wait. We have a 36″ roll feed laminator to handle larger projects, or bulk laminating. See our table for our pricing, or if you have a question regarding this service you can use our order/price inquiry form with your information and we’ll get back to as soon as possible with a quote.

PouchesRoll Feed
Roll feed lamination is priced at $3 per sq. ft.
8½" x 11" (Letter)$1.9918" x 24"$9
8½" x 11"
(Letter w/Adhesive Backing)
$2.4924" x 36"$18
11" x 17" (Menu/Legal)$3.2936" x 48"$36
Business Cards$1.59
Luggage Tags$1.99
Badge Clips$1.59


Binding is a high-demand in the reproduction business. If you or your business need training manuals or menus prepared, we can print AND bind them for you! After preparing these items for you, we can drill holes for placement in notebooks, bind with glue, or you can choose coils or comb bindings. These are available in various diameters and colors.

Up to 300 Sheets$3.95
Over 300 Sheets$5.95
Clear or black coverAdd $2.00


Need to send a fax but have nowhere to go? We will gladly fax your document for you! If you find yourself visiting us often, we also have a half price “Fax Club” for those who continue to use us to fax their documents. To learn more, be sure to speak with one of our store associates!

Local/Toll Free Sending$1.00
Long Distance Sending$1.50
International Sending$3.50

Copies & Ink is also a UPS shipping provider. Instead of waiting to the end of your workday, stop by during normal business hours or on your lunch break, eliminating the need to travel across town to the shipping facility! We print the shipping labels in the store, so you can bring in your parcel(s) to be shipped or, if you need packing materials, we keep shipping supplies on hand so you can pack and ship your parcel(s).

We can also ship via FedEx for you. If your package has a pre-printed Fed-Ex label, we can call them and arrange for them to pick up your parcel.